April Gardening Tips
Springtime is here and it's time once again to get your home and garden ready for summer.

If you're a veteran gardener or thinking about developing a green thumb, here are a few quick reminders on things you'll want to think about this April.

Lawn Preparation

Have your lawn aerated. Regular aeration in the spring and fall does two important things for your lawn - it promotes deeper root growth and prevents the soil from becoming too tightly compacted.

Fertilize with weed and feed mixture. Not only will a spring fertilization help promote early season growth, it will stop dandelions and other weeds from vexing you and your lawn this year.

Dethatch your lawn if necessary. Remember that some thatch is actually helpful for grass growth and dethatching is only required if you've developed a thicker layer that's creating a wedge between the new grass and your soil.

Flowers and Trees

At bud break, spray ornamental flowering trees. This will help to prevent fungus from spreading.

Edge your flower beds and plant and new cool weather annuals. Flowers like pansies should be planted now. You'll also want to add new mulch to your beds where necessary.

Best of luck to you and all your growing plants this spring!